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What is FIBC/Bulk Bag?
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What is a FIBC/Bulk bags?

A flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) is defined as an intermediate bulk container, having a body made of woven Polypropylene fabric, which

  • - Cannot be handled manually when filled
  • - Is intended for shipment of solid material in powder, flake, or granular form.
  • - Does not require further packaging
  • - Is designed to be lifted from the top by means of integral, permanently attached devices (lift loops or straps)

Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), also known as "big bags," "bulk bags," and "bulk sacks," ¡°Super Sacks¡±, were designed to hold from 500LB to up to 4500 LB with a safe working load ratio of 5:1 or 6:1.

FIBCs generally are manufactured to meet specific requirements of the container users.  The height of the container, the diameter and length of the spouts, coated or uncoated fabric, and whether a polypropylene liner is necessary will be specified according to the type of product that will be shipped.

When hazardous products are shipped in FIBCs, the UN mark for the product must be printed on the container body.  In the United States the manufacturer or a third party lab may certify the container according to the regulations in Part 178 of the Title 49 CFR.  All other countries require a third party lab to certify the container.


     FIBCs containing non-hazardous or non-regulated product when shipped export from the United States must have performance testing certification if destined for a country that requires performance standards for bulk bags.  (Extracted from US FIBC Association lecture. For more detailed history and introduction of FIBC, please click below link :-



Good quality FIBC bags can provide safety, whose efficiency and transportation cost savings. Tai Ping offers variety of designs and sizes of FIBC bags. 
Bag Type:

  • Type A-- Plain Bag - No Static Protection for non-flammable products
  • Type B-- Low Breakdown Voltage for dry, flammable powders
  • Type C¡ªbags with Interconnected Conductive Threads to transport flammable powders


  • UN Certification
  • ISO 9001
Tai Ping provides food grade FIBC bags that produced in clean room environment. No bag touches the floor! Our peanut bags have been exported to USA for the last two years and have passed stringent APC (America Peanut Consult) test. 
U-Panel Circular
    One Loop with Liner bag Conductive bag

    Cross-Corner Loops Side-Seam Loops Tunnel Lift Single-Point Lift
    Stevedore Straps      

    filling & closure Top
    Open Top Flap Top Skirt Top Filling Spout
    discharge Top
    Discharge Spout C Type Discharge Spout Discharge Spout with
    Petal Closure
    Discharge Spout with
    Hygiene Flap
    Full Drop Bottom  


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