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TEL : 86-532-87761582
FAX : 86-532-87761582
E-mail : info@taiping-china.com
E-mail : sales@taiping-china.com

About Us  
    Tai Ping International Limited is a manufacturer and exporter of specialized packaging bags and bagging materials. Tai Ping supplies worldwide produce growers with Polypropylene woven bags, FIBC bulk bags and onion net bags.
We are flexible to develop new bags and other specialty products being exported from Tai Ping include recycled tote bags, jewelry bags and coin bags..
    Tai Ping International will keep exploring to build its own Tai Ping brand, to walk a way that brand manage, to create the enterprise with lasting competitiveness, to provide a better packaging solution.


TEL:86-532-87761582 FAX: 86-532-87761582 info@taiping-china.com
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