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TEL : 86-532-87761582
FAX : 86-532-87761582
E-mail : info@taiping-china.com
E-mail : sales@taiping-china.com

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    Qingdao Taiping International Limited is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of Tofu Cat Litter and other cat litter, which has more than 12 years experience in cat litter industry. We have served more than 30+ countries and regions around the world, and have established long-term strategic cooperation with more than 1000+ customers. We are not only hoping to establish a customer relationship with you, but also want to establish a long-term strategic partnership with you to develop together.
    Provide our supreme quality products with most competitive price to satisfy our customers of the global market is our promissory.

    We are looking forward to working with you.

    TEL : 86-532-87761582
    FAX : 86-532-87761582
    MAIL: sales@taiping-china.com

TEL:86-532-87761582 FAX: 86-532-87761582 info@taiping-china.com
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